Central Florida wrestler with Down Syndrome gets dream benefit thanks to 'Influencer'

A Central Florida wrestler with Down Syndrome is getting a chance to go big time thanks to a social media influencer.

Twenty-five-year-old Vincent Mejias works out every day. 

"My dream is I’ll be a pro wrestler." 

Social media influencer Charlie Rocket said he wants to make that dream come true, through his own Dream Machine.

"I really think he, Triple V, can break down barriers for all kids with Down Syndrome." 

That’s why Charlie has arranged a benefit in Orlando to help the aspiring wrestler show off his wrestling skills.

"Dr. Phillips Center, in front of thousands of people, Dream Mania, let's show the world he’s ready. If they see him as a professional wrestler, they’ll believe it."

This influencer with six million followers is talking about the WWE. He hopes Vincent will be able to compete with the pro wrestlers..

He's already arranged for Triple V to meet stars like Hulk Hogan and Mojo Max. 

"We’ve got 25,000 signatures on a petition, 20 million views. A whole frenzy has started, Triple V for WWE."

Charlie actually met Vincent, because he was helping Vincent’s sister who was paralyzed, after being drugged with fentanyl. 

"Raised some money so she can get eye surgery, so they can remodel the house wheelchair accessibility." 

Now he hopes to provide Vincent with a career so he can help support his parents and sister.

"He could be one of the biggest wrestlers in the world. I’m talking about the future right now. He could provide for his family." 

Vincent said, "I try to help my mom and my sister."

Vincent’s mother, Lydia Hernandez Mejias, called Charlie a blessing. 

"I love you, I love you! Thank you so much. God is going to give it to you in a lot of ways."

Lydia's friends tell her this is like winning the lottery, but she sees it differently. 

"God sent him to me, that’s how I feel."

And that's how Vincent feels too.

"I’m going to Dream Mania!"

The big show takes place on Monday at 7 p.m. at the Dr Phillips Performing Arts Center.

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