Local veteran owned company sells 'sim grenade' to federal agency

A local veteran-owned simulation company working out of the University of Central Florida has sold the first of its kind "simulation grenade" to a federal agency.

FOX 35 News got a special tour inside the Serious Simulations facility. Inside, the lab is stocked with mock military weapons. They are all simulators with unique technology that can be used in lifelike training. One piece that is generating significant interest from military and government forces is the "Sim Grenade."

"It has the technology where it reports its proximity to its target so that soldiers have for the first time an accurate measure of whether they correctly or if they’re on the defensive side they have to take appropriate action," said Christopher Chambers, CEO of Serious Simulations.

Instead of throwing a tennis ball or baseball as a fake grenade – which could be dangerously inaccurate when on the battlefield – the Sim Grenade simulates the same size and weight as a grenade.

"Exactly like a real grenade," Chambers said. 

"A real pull pin, a real spoon, it has an actual fuse delay so it has a five-second delay after it’s thrown."

The flashing lights and sound represent the blast. Once detonated, all of the data from that grenade is sent directly to the soldier’s android device. That data includes measurements of where it landed in relation to the target and whether it detonated too close to the person throwing it, which could result in injury or death.

Crouching behind a brick wall or solid container would provide more protection from a nearby blast than a nearby bush. All factors the reusable Sim Grenade can take into account while in training."If you have a large obstacle between you and your enemy it could be a meter or so," Chambers said.

It’s a technology that is helping to keep our troops safe while training and prepared when deployed.

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