Local restaurants celebrate 'National Takeout Day'

As the coronavirus hits the restaurant industry in the pocketbook, owners are hoping people participate in National Takeout Day.

Restaurants struggling to survive amid shutdowns dubbed Tuesday the "Great American Takeout," hoping to reel in customers.

In DeLand, the city installed curbside parking to facilitate takeout orders for restaurants in its downtown district.

“All of our businesses that have stayed open, I think, they’ve been trying to adapt to the evolving environment,” said city spokesperson Chris Graham.

Melissa Reed and her husband own The Table Restaurant. She said business has dropped by 60 to 70 percent. She said any effort to bring in business helps.

“Now’s the time that we need our community to step up and help us out,” she said.

She hopes people take part in National Takeout Day.

“It’s great. I think people are adopting it, and I think if anything, it will raise awareness as to the great meals that you can get at home that you don’t just have to come out and dine with us,” she said.

Maureen Barrett said she’s on board and hopes others are too.

“Everyone should go out and support their local restaurants,” she said.

Some restaurants are also using supplier connections to expand their menu to grocery items.