Local mechanics vs a car dealership's service center

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One of the most important things you can do for your car is keep up with routine car maintenance! Regular auto service and repairs is crucial to keeping your vehicle running and moving. When the time comes to have your vehicle serviced, where do you take it? You have two main options: an independent mechanic or a service center at a car dealership.

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If you're thinking about taking your car to a local mechanic, there are a few advantages. You will probably pay less for auto service and the owner may be well known in the community, but before going to an independent garage, consider the following:

  • The people working on your car may not be qualified. Owners of local shops don't have to hire the most qualified applicants because they may have to pay them more.
  • Mechanics in a local shop may not be up to date with training and new vehicle technology. Sometimes training isn't available or required, so the people servicing your car may not be completely knowledgeable.
  • If the mechanics at an independent garage were to break or damage your car's engine or other parts, a dealer could void a warranty or guarantee. This means you'll not only be paying out of pocket for repairs, but future services also.

While you might be paying less money at that moment, in the long run taking your car to an independent mechanic could cost you headaches and a lot of money out of pocket.

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By bringing your car to a dealership's service center, like our Toyota Service Center in Orlando, you might pay a little more but for good reason!

  • Our Toyota Service Center In Orlando has top of the line equipment! Our techs don't cut corners because they have top notch equipment available for them!
  • The technicians at our Orlando auto service center are professionally trained and know everything about Toyota cars! Not only are they incredibly knowledgeable about Toyota service, but also about other makes!
  • There are several routine maintenance services that are often covered by dealer warranties. When you have these services done at our friendly dealership, you can leave without paying out of pocket!
  • Spend less time sitting around in a waiting room and more time driving your car where you need to go! Our Toyota Service Center in Orlando is larger than most local shops and can hire more technicians. This means that your car will get done faster and more efficiently at an auto dealership's service center. Not to mention, the waiting area at our family-owned dealership is super comfortable and has free wifi available as well as, flat screens TVs and a cafe!