Local landscaping business putting people back to work amid COVID-19 shutdowns

A local landscaping business is helping people who are out of work because of coronavirus shutdowns stay on their feet.

Rodas Outdoor Services, a Wedgefield based business, is offering temporary, landscaping side jobs to people who are currently out of work. Owner Eddie Rodas made a post on Facebook offering temporary employment weeding plants and trimming trees with a pay of $12-$15 per hour. Within 24 hours of making the post, Rodas said about 50 people reached out to him for a job.

Rodas said he was inspired to help his community because he knows first-hand the hardships people are facing during these unprecedented times. Rodas said, “There was one time in my life where I lost my job, lost my career and you’re in this panic mode of what am I going to do.”

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Sarah Goodman, a single mother of three children, saw the post online and immediately reached out to Rodas. “He asked if I was okay with labor work and I said I’ll do everything,” Goodman said. “I need to bring in some pay for my children. I got bills I’m going to have to pay.”

Goodman said she has a contract job through Orange County Public Schools where she works for a before and after school program. But the coronavirus is keeping students home for at least a month leaving her without a job or a consistent paycheck right now. “It’s terrifying. It is absolutely terrifying. I don’t sleep. I don’t eat,” Goodman said about the stress she is currently facing. Now Goodman has a temporary job weeding plants with Rodas Outdoor Services which she said will provide her with some monetary relief.

Rodas said his plan is to take on two temporary workers a day. He is also challenging other businesses to reach out and help people who are out of work right now because of COVID-19 shutdowns. “I wouldn’t survive without my community and when it’s time to give back to them and you as a business owner, you got to step up to see what you can do.”

To see if Rodas is still looking to hire temporary workers you can go to his company’s Facebook page, Rodas Outdoor Services.