Lawson, girl with extremely rare medical condition, returns to Florida home after treatment

Welcome home, Lawson! 

The "Love for Lawson" Facebook page says that Lawson Armstrong, a baby girl with an extremely rare medical condition is back home in Ocala, Florida after spending time at a children's hospital in Boston, Massachusetts. 

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Attorney Dan Newlin was in attendance as Lawson returned to Ocala, the law firm confirmed to FOX 35 News on Wednesday. One of Newlin's pilots flew Lawson and her mother back home from Boston.

Lawson was born on August 26, 2020. She receives transfusions of blood, platelets, and other medical treatments to sustain her life. 

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"She recently started getting illnesses and infections involving her access ports, as well as other sites due to her inability to fight off germs and organisms found in everyday life," the Love for Lawson Facebook page explained.

With guidance from her doctors in Gainesville, Lawson went to Boston for months to undergo treatment. She returned back to Florida on Wednesday, May 4.

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