Law would keep sex predators out of medical facilities, hospitals, nursing homes

A 75-year-old man is trying to get a law passed after his late wife was a victim of crime.

Edward Bowman has waited 13 years for this moment.  It’s a proclamation supporting his late wife Clara Mae, from the city of Ocoee.

“Clara Mae Bowman was a victim sexually assault by a male nurse in 2006,“ explained Ocoee Mayor Rusty Johnson,

That former nurse, named Kevin Laing, is now identified as a sex offender on the Florida Department of Law Enforcement's website after being convicted of sex battery. 

Bowman said any allegations of sex abuse in hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities, should be reported to state agencies immediately, so facilities are aware.  However, he says that’s not always happening, so he's trying to get "Clara’s Law" passed.

“The purpose of 'Clara’s Law' is to get rid of sex predators from nursing homes, hospitals and medical facilities all over the country.”

Bowman said he is grateful to local lawmakers in Ocoee for their assistance. 

Mayor Rusty Johnson said, “Ocoee City Commission does hereby declare their support for legislation that would protect all patients against sexual predators working in hospitals, nursing homes and medical facilities.”

Bowman plans to walk 237 miles from Mount Dora to Tallahassee, so he can meet with state lawmakers about "Clara’s Law." 

While Clara Bowman is no longer living, Ed says she will always be in his heart. He keeps her picture in his briefcase.

“Every time I open this case there she is.”