Law enforcement to crack down on 'nuisance' ATV riders

Law enforcement is meeting Wednesday to discuss ATV riders pulling dangerous stunts on Central Florida roads.

This week, groups of ATV riders were seen breaking the law and getting bolder, making illegal U-turns right into the path of another driver. Some were side-swiping cars and damaging deputy cruisers. 

Now police across Central Florida are ready for a crackdown. 

“We're taking this very seriously this is a public nuisance and they're actually putting the public at risk and at danger.”

Law enforcement says they have been working to stop groups of hundreds of motorcycles, ATV and dirt bikers taking over Orange County roads doing dangerous stunts like wheelies.

On Sunday, one of those drivers doing a daredevil stunt crashed into a pregnant couple’s car. 

Investigators say the biker’s buddies then stuck around kicking and punching the pregnant lady and her boyfriend before speeding off. ATV's are not street legal and the drivers they say they’ve been tracking are more than just a nuisance, they’re criminals.

A special task force meeting is scheduled for Wednesday afternoon.