Law enforcement patrols Trucktoberfest in Daytona Beach

Jacked-up pickup trucks again rolled up and down the Daytona Beach streets and sand on Sunday. However, officials say this weekend's unsanctioned “Trucktoberfest” had fewer big trucks on the roads and beaches in the morning compared to September’s Truck Week.

“Trucktoberfest hasn't been too bad, the crowds have been extremely light,” said Andrew Ethridge, Deputy Chief of Volusia County Beach Patrol.

They said that was good news for the beach. Beach Patrol says the trucks' big tires have a tendency to rip up the sand, making driving more dangerous for other vehicles.

Beach Patrol said they also had all hands on deck for the event. Ethridge explained that "we're bringing in everything we can, we're bringing in personnel on overtime."

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Trucktoberfest attendees like Todd Bristow said they understood law enforcement's concern, citing that "they had a bad experience a month ago at the other truck event, a big turnout.”

However, Bristow said so far, it had been a low-key event, telling FOX 35 that "it was a great time, pretty much riding A1A and Seabreeze and Main Street is all pretty much that went on.”

Daytona Beach police also said they have had no major issues with the Trucktoberfest event aside from traffic control.

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