Law enforcement in Atlanta for national child exploitation training

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They prey on our children and this week, law enforcement officers from all over the country are in Atlanta to learn how to stop them.

An estimated 1,500 officers will take part in the National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation.

"It's just a nonstop thing," explained Georgia Bureau of Investigation Director Vic Reynolds.  "Technology grows so much.  It changes literally on a day to day basis on occasion and so not only the bad guys [are] keeping up with that, but law enforcement has to as well."

The annual training offers seminars and hands-on labs so that investigators can learn about the latest tools and techniques available to identify and take down offenders. 

According to the GBI, they have 25 employees in attendance and about a hundred members of the state's Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force are also participating.  That includes Georgia Internet Crimes Against Children Commander Debbie Garner.  She said the conference offers an important opportunity for investigators to network with law enforcement who handle these cases in other states. 

"Because they are internet-based crimes, we may have a victim here in Georgia, however, our suspect may be in Idaho or Montana or California and there may be multiple victims across the country," said Garner.

The training lasts through Thursday.

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