Latin Superstars stop by Pulse to pay respects on their way to stump for Biden

Two of Puerto Rico’s biggest superstars, Ricky Martin and Luis Fonsi, are in Central Florida stumping for Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Before heading to the official event in Osceola County, the men made a stop together at the Pulse Nightclub to pay their respects to the 49 lives lost during the 2016 massacre. Pulse survivor Brandon Wolfe, owner Barbara Poma, and State Rep.Carlos Guillermo Smith showed the two superstars around the site.  Wolfe walked the two men through the horrifying timeline.

Before leaving, in Spanish, Ricky Martin said, “Get out and vote.” 

Luis Fonsi spoke to FOX 35 News.  He said he was moved by the Pulse memorial.  He also spoke about the importance of doing your civic duty. 

“I’m here to represent the Latin community and Puerto Rican Community. I’m happy to be here in front of Pulse. I hadn’t a chance to visit.  It hits home. I lived here for so many years. And the most important thing is we have to get out to vote. We have to take care of each other,” Fonsi said. 

Wolfe spoke about President Barack Obama and then-Vice President Joe Biden coming out to Pulse days after the tragedy.  He recalls Biden talking to him and other Pulse survivors about how hard it is to lose someone you love referring to his wife and their daughter who he lost in a tragic car crash in 1972.