Larger vaccination sites look to downsize amid lower demand for shots

Seminole County Emergency Management Director Alan Harris said fewer people are showing up to get vaccinated at some of the larger vaccination sites.

"Demand has decreased," Harris said. "It isn’t hard to get an appointment any more, and we’re allowing walkups because the amount of vaccine we’re receiving now is a surplus over what we were getting in previously. There was, of course, a lot more demand than there was vaccine."

It's not just Seminole County.

According to numbers from the state, the week of April 12, the state was averaging about 200,000 vaccine doses a day. Last week, the numbers were closer to 180,000 doses.

FOX checked in with other counties. The health department in Orange County said it started seeing decreased demand last week. The convention center site is operating at 50%.

At the county fairgrounds site in Volusia County, Friday is the last day for first doses there because of lower demand. The county will focus on doing smaller vaccination sites.

In Seminole County, Alan Harris said his team is looking at making the same switch.

"Right now, we’re in a facility that is right at 100,000 square feet," Harris said. "We’re looking to downsize it into maybe a 10,000 square feet or a 5,000 square feet [facility]."

Harris said the county will discuss making that transition on Wednesday.