Lakeland nurse delivers her own baby at home in surprise labor

One Tampa Bay area baby had quite a welcome into this world. 

Dejanique Milligan delivered her baby boy herself at her Polk County home – three weeks early. The delivery happened just before 3:45 a.m. Thursday, and fortunately, she had some unique experience. 


Milligan is also a registered nurse working with infants at Lakeland Regional Medical Center.

"When I went to go pee, there was lots of pressure. So, I crawled to the living room and there he was. I pushed him out," said Milligan. "I was just praying and hoping that he was breathing. When he came out, and he was crying, I was like, 'okay, we're good.'"

She said she did not have the usual symptoms that come with labor, like contractions or her water breaking. 


"When it's you, it's different, because it hits closer to home versus when it's with the patient," Milligan said. "You have to be strong for them. So, you may seem calm in the moment for them, but for you, when you're home by yourself, you just freak out."

Within 15 minutes, she successfully delivered her healthy and happy baby boy with paramedics quickly following to check on her. Her baby boy is named Drew, and came into the world weighing six pounds and three ounces. 


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