Lake County teen has film debut in 'Straight Outta Compton'

"Straight Outta Compton" is the new biopic about the rise and fall of rap's most notorious group, NWA, and one of the actors is a multi-talented, young guy that comes straight "outta" Central Florida's small Lake County town of Umatilla.

Joshua Brockington, 17, tells FOX 35, "It's a big movie.  They were promoting it in China. I believe."

A big movie with big shoes to fill.  Brockington plays the famous Warren G. Another actor plays the rapper as an adult the bulk of the film.

It's a small part for Joshua, but a huge opportunity.

"It was an amazing experience, especially for my first time doing anything at that level," he says. "Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, all the cast and crew were so kind and generous."

And eager to give this budding young star tips.  As he hung out on set, they told him always be prepared, always walk with presence, and hand-write thank you notes. 

And they told him to be humble -- something this young actor learned first-hand.  His only scene with dialogue, where he was saying good-bye to big brother Dr. Dre as he left for his big break, was cut from the film.

But when we asked him to recite his lines, he was awesome.  We'll still see this dedicated young man in three scenes, but we won't tell you which. You'll have to buy a ticket.

You can bet, we'll be seeing him again, maybe in print ads, as recently posed for for an office supply store, or maybe in some TV ads, in which he has been cast.

Or, if he gets his way, on the big screen.

"I can see myself being some sort of rogue CIA agent!" Joshua says laughing.

"Straight Outta Compton" debuts in theaters everywhere on Friday.