Lake Apopka to get new water treatment system

Luis Vazquez has been coming to Lake Apopka for many years. He’s glad to hear the news that the St. Johns River Water Management District is launching a new project to clean the lake up.

“It’s about time because I’ve heard the muck under this lake itself is causing issues with wildlife and everything,” said Luis Vazquez.

The Water District is spending $1.1 million on a water treatment system for the lake. The new technique will essentially suck up water, filter it and then return it to the lake.

“It’s expected to remove somewhere between 6,000 and 12,000 pounds of phosphorus,” said Danielle Spears, Public Communications Coordinator, St. Johns River Water Management District.

That’s the chemical killing off plants and fish.  Spears says the new system will continue efforts to improve the quality of the water.

“The work at Lake Apopka has already turned out positive results as we start to see the return of aquatic vegetation as well as sport fish in the Lake,” said Spears.

Spears says cleaner water benefits the environment and visitors to the Lake.

“It’s very important to help improve water quality there because not only are people coming out and visiting and recreating but it’s also water that’s going to flow to other lakes,” said Spears.

Treatment of the water is expected to begin this fall.