KFC employee hits Florida man in the face with a box of chicken, police say

A Florida man is accusing a KFC worker of hitting him in the face with a box of chicken, deputies said. 

Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office is investigating the alleged attack at the fast-food restaurant at 2258 Edgewood Avenue. According to FOX 30, the victim, Ronald Jenkins became upset because he didn’t see the employee -- preparing his food -- wearing gloves, according to a police report.

That’s when Jenkins began recording video on his phone. The video showed Jenkins waiting for his order at the drive-thru window. Words were exchanged between the two after the employee noticed he was recording video. After, the employee is seen throwing the food out of the drive-thru window hitting Jenkins in the face. 

“She didn’t throw it, she actually swung it and hit me in the face with it basically. It wasn’t a throw, it was a backhand pow,” Jenkins explained to News 4 Jax. “It hit me in the mouth and damaged my tooth and my glasses fell off. My tooth was bleeding."

When deputies arrived, they arrested Shade Simmons on a battery charge, FOX 30 reports.