Kaká Dedicates Goal To Kevin Molino With Classy Tribute

The captain of the team. The superstar of the League.

How does a former FIFA World Player of the Year, World Cup champion – the list goes on – stay humble enough to don a team mate's jersey after scoring a goal?

Personal experience.

"I've been in this situation in the past so I know how hard it is, it's a long [recovery] period," said Kaká to a crowd of reporters after Sunday night's 4-0 thumping of the LA Galaxy.

"The team needs to be with him now. Everybody needs to be with him together because he's going to help us a lot the next year so this period now, we need to help."

It was just over two weeks ago that Kevin Molino was lost for the season. In a friendly game against Ponte Preta, Molino tore his ACL in the 18th minute. On Sunday after Kaká netted his 4th goal of the season, he pulled Molino's #18 jersey over his, pointing to the name on the back for the crowd to see.

Over 40,000 fans applauded loudly in support of their captain, their team, and of Kevin Molino.

Molino took to his Facebook page to show his appreciation.

"This week he is going to have his surgery, later he will have a long recovery period. I've been through the same thing, other players here have, too. We know how difficult this is and we have to be together for him. That's why I dedicated that goal to Kevin Molino."