K-9 Deputy and K-9 take down suspected Marion County thief

A K-9 Deputy and his K-9 took down a Marion County man suspected of stealing from a Lowes store.

The Marion County Sheriff's Office says that on Tuesday, multiple units responded to the Lowes on Southwest State Rod 200 in reference to a theft in progress. Upon arrival, the suspect, who was identified as 31-year-old Terrance Blocker, walked out of the store with $1,156 worth of merchandise that he did not pay for. He ran from Deputy Gernert and a chase began. 

They say that Deputy Gernert chased the suspect to the woods behind the medical complex that is just east of the store. Deputy Gernert set up a perimeter and waited for K-9 to arrive on scene. 

K-9 Deputy Matthew Bowers and his K-9 OTOW were said to have arrived and immediately tracked in the woods and apprehended Blocker. Blocker was treated for minor injuries in relation to the dog bite. He was then transported to the Marion County Jail. 

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