Justin Timberlake keeps promise to Santa Fe High School shooting victim

Singer Justin Timberlake is making good on a promise he made to a Santa Fe High School shooting victim.

What did J.T. commit to do?

Well, when Sarah Salazar was in the hospital recovering after being shot in the Santa Fe High School shooting she was surprised by him.

Justin Timberlake not only stopped by to see her, he promised she could come to his concert the next time he performed in Houston.

"The wait was worth it,” Sarah smiles. She says it’s been a long eight months since Timberlake himself invited her to his show. “I’m just so excited.  He visited me six days after I was admitted to the hospital”.

Now, it’s time.

Timberlake is taking to the stage at Toyota Center and he’s giving the 17 year old free VIP tickets to the big show. She’s wearing the autographed T-shirt he gave her which reads “Sarah God Bless you".

“When he visited me in the hospital, he gave my friends that were there shirts and my siblings.  He signed this one for me”.

Although she says she may change her mind about her wardrobe choice because she doesn’t want anything to spill on the shirt. 

Big sister Suzannah is going with her to the concert.

They’re already belting out the Timberlake tunes and giddy with enthusiasm over heading to their first concert ever.

“I just still can’t believe it”.

Since being injured in the Santa Fe High school shooting in May 2018, Sarah still has emotional and physical challenges.  

"I was shot right here on my left side. They found evidence of two shell casings in my shoulder and I have pellet wounds all over my body. A main artery in my neck was severed.”

Sarah describes life the last few months as "rough but [she's] getting through it."

She says she’s grateful to Timberlake for visiting her in the hospital and now inviting her to his concert.

“This means a lot to me and I’m so thankful to be able to experience this with my sister.”

Then the two girls chime in together smiling, “We love you Justin!"