Jury watches Amato interrogation recordings

Jurors watched an hours-long interrogation video during Grant Amato's murder trial Thursday.

Amato, 30, is accused of murdering his mother, father and brother. The three were found shot in their Chuluota home in January.
Amato watched the video as it played for jurors. It was recorded on January 26, the day after his family members were discovered dead.  Amato openly talked to investigators about the Bulgarian woman he met on an adult website.

"Over the past four months or something like that, I've been talking to this woman online," he told Seminole County deputies. "She's a cam model."

Prosecutors say his online obsession with her was the motive for murder. They say Amato stole money from his family to send to her and was kicked out of the house just before the killings.

"How much do you think you spent," asked one of the investigators. "Probably close to $200,000," Amato replied.

The interrogation got more intense over time. Deputies questioned why Amato never asked them about his family members and their conditions during the interview.

"What are you not telling us? What happened at that home that you know," one investigator said.

Amato never admitted to killing his family. He told deputies they were alive when he left the house.Jurors also watched a video of Amato meeting with his brother Jason at the sheriff's office.

Thursday morning, the state brought in two close friends of Amato and his brother, Cody.One testified about a missing gun that he believed may have been stolen by Grant Amato before the triple murder.

The murder weapon has not been found.