Jury convicts Windermere man accused of videotaping sexual assaults

It took a jury in Orange County less than three hours on Tuesday to convict a former Windermere realtor accused of drugging and sexually assaulting several women.

Darryll Patterson was found guilty on charges of sexual battery on someone incapacitated and attempted sexual battery.   Back in 2015, Windermere police officers released pictures of women's tattoo's and identifying characteristics asking for help identifying those women, not knowing if they were dead or alive.  

John Allen is the lead detective in the case.  He said police discovered videos Patterson took of himself having sex with at least 20 different women while they were passed out, some of the crimes dating back to 2006.

Windermere Police are still trying to identify at least six of those victims.  Allen said he admires the strength it took for the two women testifying to get this conviction.  

"Think about it.  The cops show up at your house and show you a video you have no idea ever occurred of someone having sex with you, raping you while you are passed out. Not only are you passed out, it's a close friend," said Detective Allen.

He said now that Patterson is a convicted felon, his DNA will now become part of the data base, which he says could prove helpful in some other unsolved rape cases.  

Patterson is scheduled for sentencing May 4.  He's facing anywhere from eight to 45 years in prison.