Jug of gas thrown at house starts fire

Kenny Staton can't understand why anyone would hurl a jug full of gas at his house and torch it. 

"It hit right there. And that's where the flames started going up the house.  I took water and threw it that way.  The flames just went out in the grass. So it was gas.  It's arson," said Staton. 

The State Fire Marshall's office says they too believe this fire was intentionally set at the home on Mooreland Street in Lockhart. 

"We want to find out who did it because we don't know if they're going to come back to try it again," said Lee Friedman, Staton's roommate. 

It had been a quiet evening for Stanton.  He says he was sitting on the side porch with his dog when things took a dangerous turn. 

"I just heard a big 'kur-thud' and saw a bright light and went to check it out," said Staton.  "Gasoline and someone throwing a jug of gas against the house."

Staton is a former firefighter.  He says he realized quickly that he needed help fast and that he had to get his sleeping roommates up and out. 

"I started beating on the back door yelling get out," said Staton. 

Friedman's bedroom backs up to the wall that the jug full of gas was thrown at.  What he saw when he looked outside frightened him. 

"Just a big fireball coming up the side, smoke on the inside.  It was nasty," said Friedman. 

The Fire Marshal's Office says they do not have any suspects at this point.