Investigators at Orange County home destroyed by fire

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Flames tore through an Orange County home on Wednesday. Investigators are on scene this Thursday trying to figure out what happened.

The fire broke out around 5:30 p.m. on Wednesday at a home off of Trevarthon Road. Flames shot through the roof and smoke could be seen from miles away. Orange County Fire and Rescue says that 45 people worked to put out the fire. Now, the only thing still standing is the skeleton of the home. 

The State Fire Marshal is hard at work trying to figure out what caused the fire, especially since the family says that the power was not on at the home.

A man and his mom lived at the home, but they were not there when the flames broke out. They both raced home when they heard what happened, fearing the worst about each other. The son told Fox 35 that "I was calling everyone, going crazy looking for her and nobody knew anything of her. Thank god -- next thing, she's walking up to us. She almost dropped to her knees. She seen my car in the driveway and thought something happened to me."

Firefighters spent most of the night on scene watching to make sure no more flames broke out. The State Fire Marshal is still investigating the fire.