Invention could save children left in hot cars

Three Central Florida entrepreneurs are aiming to get their Baby Safe Systems technology on the market to save lives.

"I think the ultimate goal is to save as many lives as we can, but we save one life I would be satisfied," says inventor Josue Mejia.

Mejia and partners Mark Mucha and Melissa Belding all work at the same local bank.  Story after story of babies and young children being left in their car seat in a hot car to die united them two years ago to begin their quest.

Mejia explains, "As soon as the baby sits in the car seat,  there's a  matt sensor I designed for this will work for any car seat basically."

He says once the ignition is turned off, and the doors  shut, the sensor senses the weight of the baby and triggers an alarm. 

"We have LED lights we installed in car seat and an audible device so you can hear alarm.  After 60 seconds of that, you'll hear car horns go off and car vehicle lights flashing."

Then he says a programmed text alert to your phone goes out.  It's the third part of what these inventors call their fail-proof system. 

The team hopes to team up with car seat and car manufacturers to have the Baby Safe System made a permanent feature of both, but so far, no one has hopped aboard.

Partner Mark Mucha says, "We have tried the past two years-everybody.  A senator, SharkTank, nothing.  Nothing. It's amazing."

The three inventors say they've tested their invention over and over and it has never failed.  For more information, you can email: