Internal affairs report on 6-year-old's arrest details concerns as child was taken into custody

An Orlando police internal affairs report details what happened when a 6-year-old girl was arrested last year.

Kaia Rolle, 6, was accused of kicking and punching three staff members at a charter school last year.

Her grandmother says it was a tantrum due to a medical issue.

Even though Officer Dennis Turner was the one fired for not getting proper permission to make the arrest, on the video, you see Officer Sergio Ramos following Turner’s orders.

But in the report, Officer Ramos said he "was surprised with the calm demeanor of the arrestee," telling Sgt. Doug Andreacci, "Sarge, this girl is tiny. She looks like a baby."

Officer Ramos called Sgt. Andreacchi and expressed his concern about the arrest multiple times. 

According to the report, Sgt. Andreacchi admitted that he did not remember the policy on juvenile procedures and was suspended for a day.

Officer Ramos was exonerated because he was just following orders.  

Officer Turner was later fired. 

Turner’s affidavit indicates that the staff member wished to press charges, but in the report, that same person states she never said she was willing to press charges.

All charges were eventually dropped.

The Orlando Police Department's new policy now requires the deputy chief to approve the arrest of anyone under the age of 12.