Infamous Florida 'Joker' arrested in Pinellas County

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The Joker is back behind bars – or at least a Florida man who’s done his best to look like the Joker.

Last year, Lawrence Sullivan’s comic-like mug shot went viral after he was accused of waving a gun at passing traffic in Miami.  Responding officers were greeted by an armed man with neon green hair and tattoos covering his arms, chest, and face, WSVN reported at the time.  

The then-29-year-old was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and held on $5,000 bond, even though his public defender tried to get him a lower bond by pointing out that he lives with his mother.

Tuesday morning, Sullivan found himself jailed again, this time in Pinellas County.  According to arrest records, he was nabbed in Gulfport for violating probation linked back to the Miami-Dade case.

Sullivan’s Pinellas County booking photo shows he’s still sporting the same green hair, though his elaborate facial tattoos appear to have been enhanced a bit in the last year.  The jail records note that his tattoos include images of a skull, sword, pot leaf, brass knuckles, devil, and a rose, among others.

Sullivan, 30, was still in jail as of Wednesday afternoon.