Improving your AC system can help fight viruses

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says an air conditioning unit turned one case of coronavirus into nine cases.

But, there are things you can do to make your units safer.

Some business owners are already taking action.

At this business center with executive suites to rent, Fernando Mariano built it for privacy.

"The walls are soundproof, the ceilings are soundproof, as well," he said.

But with COVID-19, the air became an issue. 

So, Mariano installed a new REME HALO system that purifies the air.

"To provide a real clean environment," he said.

According to the CDC, it's important to use the highest efficiency filters with air exchange systems during the pandemic.

FOX 35 News talked to Brian Hastings, the owner of Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating.

 "The air if full of things flying around so what you want to do is either capture those or try and kill them," he said.

We asked is there anything we can do to our air conditioners to keep them safe during COVID 19?

Experts say REME HALOs are air purifiers and they actually go out there and help purify the air that’s in your home.

They have not been tested for COVID-19, but they have been proven to be effective against the flu virus and other similar viruses.

So, how much will one cost you?

Dan Demarta, of Four Seasons Air Conditioning and Heating says, "This is a couple of hundred dollars, but if you need the cabinet installed, you’re looking anywhere from $750... You could be looking at $1,700 depending on the insulation."

But, there are other affordable options.

"Purchase a 1-inch pleaded type filtration that just replaces your current filter without any retrofitting of the AC system," Demarta said.  

According to the CDC, ceiling fans with upward airflow rotation combined with UV disinfection can also help.

"You have also a UV germicidal lamp and those are typically installed in the air handler," Demarta said.