Ian: Why you should put a quarter in a cup of frozen water during a hurricane

With the threat of Hurricane Ian taking aim at Florida, a Facebook post has a good suggestion for those preparing for the storm and how to keep your food safe.

The post made by a North Carolina resident suggests that you put a cup of water in your freezer, freeze it solid, and then put a quarter on top of it and leave it in your freezer. 

"That way when you come back after you've been evacuated you can tell if your food went completely bad and just refroze or if it stayed frozen while you were gone," she explained. "If the quarter has fallen to the bottom of the cup that means all the food defrosted and you should throw it out. But if the quarter is either on the top or in the middle of the cup then your food may still be [okay]."

Floridians are preparing for Hurricane Ian's impact on the state as a projected Category 3 storm. The latest forecasted track shows Ian making landfall as a major Category 3 hurricane near Tampa on Thursday around 2 a.m. The hurricane is then expected to weaken to a Category 1 storm around Thursday afternoon and then a tropical storm by Friday at 2 a.m. 

"Preparations to protect life and property should be rushed to completion," the National Hurricane Center said Tuesday. "Today is your last day to prepare and follow evacuation orders from local officials."

All of Central Florida is under watches or warnings as Ian is expected to bring significant impacts to the area.