'I am in panic mode': Florida mom re-booking family vacation after Hawaiian Airlines cancels flight

Maricel Garcia found out Saturday that her family's flights to Hawaii in September for a family vacation were unexpectedly canceled, as Hawaiian Airlines announced it was suspending its service between Orlando and Honolulu.

Hawaiian Airlines launched the service at Orlando International Airport in March 2021, less than two years ago. The airline said it was ending the route due to  "re-aligning our network to better meet strong demand in North America and resurgence of international travel."

Garcia said she's been planning the trip for a year and is frustrated that Hawaiian Airlines offered no other options to rebook. The airline said that anyone impacted by canceled flights after September 8 would be issued full refunds.

"People bought your tickets, at least have some compassion. and don't let us run dry," Gaercia said. "They're changing our flight, and now we have to change other accommodations that we made in Hawaii. So I’m in panic mode. I have to think about all of these things now."