Hurricane Sam causes dangerous rip currents along Central Florida beaches

It was great weather to be at Cocoa Beach, but there was a hidden danger in the water: Dangerous rip currents. 

Brevard County Ocean Rescue flew the red flag on Sunday warning swimmers. 

"Never been caught in a rip current," said beachgoer Yliana Caswell. "I think I know what to do."

Thanks to swells from Hurricane Sam this weekend, rescue officials were warning swimmers of serious rip current risks. 

"I'm not too worried about it personally. We like to stay close to the shore. Not too worried about it, I guess," said Zach Watterson, who was visiting from New York.

"If you have any doubt or you think it is outside your wheelhouse, don’t go in past your waist, especially this weekend. There will be some pretty big waves," said Derek Swor, from Brevard County Ocean Rescue.

Rip currents can drag even the strongest swimmers far out to sea, and there's no way you can turn around and swim back. 

The best thing you can do is let it pull you all the way to the end and then swim either one way or the other to get out of its grip. 

Safety officials also say to remember the most important beach safety tip: Always swim in front of a lifeguard.