Hurricane Florence evacuees are coming to Central Florida to escape

Evacuees from the Carolinas are coming down to Central Florida to escape the storm. 

Right after Florida, the most common plates being seen out in the Orlando streets are South Carolina and North Carolina. Many of them told Fox 35 that they are here because they had to evacuate their states as Hurricane Florence approached

South Carolina resident Yolanda Frasier told Fox 35 that "Once they issued the mandatory evacuation, we didn't want to stay. So, we got the kids, packed up, and left."

Fox 35 also spoke to the Taylor family, who is from the Winston-Salem area. They extended their trip to Orlando through the weekend and even called other family to join them and many fellow Carolinians here. 

Hotels like the Rosen are giving evacuees deep discounts and safe space for pets. Disney is also offering in-state rates ot those evacuating Hurricane Florence. And Visit Florida has partnered with Expedia to help families find available rooms. Details on that can be found HERE.

Many evacuees say that they are looking for an escape from this storm. One person even said "It takes the kids minds off of it at least."

For the Frasier family, the unplanned vacation is worth it because they know when they go back, the fun is likely over. "I kind of didn't sleep last night cause I was thinking, oh god, suppose we go back and it's flooded so bad or trees fell. But those things can be replaced," one of them said.

A lot of evacuees say that home is certainly in the back of their mind and that even though they are here, they are very nervous about what they will see on the news tomorrow. 

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