Hunt continues for 2 suspects in Publix shooting

Altamonte Springs Police continue to search for two suspects involved in the shooting of a Loomis money carrier. It happened inside the entrance area of the Altamonte Springs Publix at Palm Springs Crossings. The suspect shooter ran off with a bag of money, then got into a getaway car, driven by the other suspect. 

It's a scary situation Susan Figurski, who lives at Royal Arms Condominiums. Police put the place on lockdown after the suspects' stolen Nissan Maxima was found in the parking lot of the complex. "I don't know if they live here or what, but it's scary."

"The getaway vehicle was parked right next to my car, so they had to block that off with the crime scene tape."

This neighbor who was too scared to show her face says she saw the suspect at around 10 o'clock on Thursday morning, hours before the shooting took place. "I saw him in the morning, the same guy, the same shirt. We saw him. He was just walking? Walking." It has her on edge. "I'm so nervous right now, last night I couldn't sleep."

Police say two suspects are on the loose. "The armed gunman who committed the robbery hopped into the back seat of that stolen Maxima which we later located. So we do know there was a getaway driver so we are looking for 2 people," says Lt Robert Pelton with the Altamonte Springs Police Department.  "We're still waiting for that one person to call and say they know who this person is."

Meanwhile, officers say the Loomis money courier is still in critical condition.  "It's sad," Susan says. "My heart goes out to him and his family. I hope he will survive and is ok."