Hundreds of high-paying aerospace jobs coming to Melbourne airport

A brand new multi-million dollar facility will soon bring a flock of business jets to the Orlando Melbourne International Airport, along with hundreds of high-paying aerospace jobs.

Dassault Falcon Jet has announced plans to create 400 jobs and build a $115 million aviation maintenance facility off Apollo Boulevard. Those positions include maintenance workers, technicians, engineers, and aircraft manufacturers. 

"The labor force here in the area is exceptional to begin with and this adds to that. The jobs that the company will bring to the area are a lot of different jobs with an average salary is about $86,500 annually. It will be a good mix of jobs," Busalacchi said.

The company describes its planes as the most advanced business jets in the world — designed and built in France and completed in Little Rock, Arkansas. 


Busalacchi said they are attracting the world's top companies and heavy hitters to Central Florida. "This airport truly operates as an enterprise, so we are not as restricted by ties to governmental agencies as other airports are."

"Look, there is an opportunity for us to capture what is going on in commercial space, defense and international aviation," Lynda Weatherman, President and CEO of Economic Development Commission Florida’s Space Coast, said. "Part of our competitive advantage I think is that we can tell aerospace, and aviation community that we are unique to the world, that we have almost three generations going back that worked in the space industry and aerospace."

Weatherman said they all worked eight months to secure the project, hoping to keep and attract more talent to the area.

"More importantly, the argument we make with young professionals is this is a scalable community. You want to come here and work and have an impact on your community church, work and local government, you can do that," Weatherman said.

The jet company said they are expected to break ground next year and finish the facility by 2024.