Hundreds gather for 'Yes on 4' campaign in Lake Eola

"Yes on 4" hosted their inaugural campaign rally pushing for its namesake, swaying Florida voters to vote "yes" to Amendment Four at Lake Eola on Saturday.

The state constitutional amendment, which will be on the November ballot, looks to limit government interference when it comes to abortion.

The event drew in nearly 1,000 people who expressed support and opposition.

Michelle Herzog, who is against the amendment, said, "This amendment is very very dangerous." Herzog is the Director of Pro-Life Action Ministries of Central Florida.

A pro-choice attendee said, "Women deserve the right to choose."

Men and women from all across the state gathered for the event, which was the first for Yes to 4, after Florida’s Supreme Court recently approved adding the vote on Amendment Four.

"People have traveled here from every part of Florida to support women and our right to access safe and quality healthcare without interference," said Caroline Korba, a spokeswoman for the Florida Women’s Freedom Coalition. "If it is voted upon, we are not going to be the Sunshine State or the Tourist State, we’re going to be the late-term abortion capital of the nation," said Herzog.

The amendment grants women the right to abort before fetal viability, which is at or around 24 weeks. It also seeks to protect the right to abortion in situations where it is necessary to protect a patient’s health.  However, starting May 1, a six-week abortion ban goes into effect in Florida after Governor Ron DeSantis signed it last year. It replaces the state’s current 15-week ban.

"We consider it very much an all-out abortion ban so this is going to create urgency around our efforts to protect access to abortion and reproductive healthcare," Korba said.

"All human beings, from the moment of fertilization to natural death should have the right to life. The rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness," Herzog said.

Sixty percent of voters in Florida have to vote yes to the amendment in order for it to be approved.