Humane Society busy responding to summer calls

It's the busy season for the Arizona Humane Society, and rescue workers cannot be everywhere before it's too late. They're hoping the public will step up if an animal is in trouble.,

The AHS reminds people if it's too hot outside for you, it's too hot outside for your pets.

"We've been running 50 calls a day at least, they're for all different things like no treatment, no shelter, no water," said Valerie Newman.

"About 1/3 to 1/2 those calls are for animals with no shelter or no water in Arizona's extreme heat," said Bretta Nelson.

After almost 2 decades on the job, Newman says nothing surprises her anymore.

"I've been doing this job in the field for 14 years; I've been with the shelter for 19 years. I know better when the water's been changed or if it was fresh, or not so, that's all we ask water and shelter," said Newman.

"This time of year is really about educating the community on the different tips that they can take if their pets are outdoor pets: make sure that they have shade, ventilation, and spill proof plastic buckets," said Nelson.

Even though it can be frustrating and heartbreaking, they won't stop spreading the important message. "You've gotta take care if you have animals, you have to take care of them," said Newman.

The AHS suggests you call the Humane Society or 9-1-1 if you come across an animal in a dangerous situation like being in a hot car or left outside with no shade or water.