How Central Floridians are helping Harvey victims

People around Central Florida are doing what they can to help the victims of Hurricane Harvey and the wake of water left behind in his aftermath. 

Dozens of volunteers gathered around long tables and formed assembly lines at Clean The World to fill organized bins of supplies.  Each person filled packs with necessities that storm victims and evacuees need right now like soap, hand sanitizer, toothpaste and other toiletries. 

“We sent 2,000 kits today on a Salvation Army trucks. So those are in routes. We need 10,000 kits over next 24-48 hours and another 10,000 next week,” said Shawn Ceiphler, founder of Clean The World.  “[These are] basic items needed by those that are experiencing flooding. With all the water coming up, it’s the best way for infectious disease to spread it’s a very important time for hygiene items.”  

They’re also adding creature comforts like an eye mask and ear plugs for evacuees now living in shelters. 
Clean The World is asking for more volunteers now so they can get as many packs out as quickly as possible. 

They will accept help from kids as young as 8 who can follow instructions. Jack Prohaska is 10.  He and his big brother drove over with their mom after school to volunteer. 

“Just come over. It’s easy,” said Prohaska.  “[I’m] pretty excited, because I’m helping people.”

Clean The World is working with PAL who’ll be flying the palates full of boxes to Texas Thursday.  Go to  for information on how to volunteer.