Homes in Port Arthur, Beaumont flood Wednesday due to more rain

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FOX4’s Brandon Todd was in in Kountze, Texas, which is located north of Beaumont. Highway 287 SB was impassable trying to get down into Beaumont.

A police officer was blocking the roadway to make sure nothing got through, except by boat. Dozens of trucks were lined up at the blockade with their trailers launching boats into the water in attempts to make rescues.

For three straight days, a group of men have been using a fishing boat to rescue people from the floodwaters of Harvey.

“We've been through some amazing neighborhoods homes, with water halfway up to the first or second floor and all the cars in the front driveway,” one of the rescuers said. “So I don't know if it all came in the middle of the night or what -- it's horrific.”

The rescuers took FOX4 into a small town 20 miles north of Beaumont where only the tops of homes were visible. The homes were flooded by a rain-swollen cypress creek. The images were similar to what is happening in Port Arthur, Beaumont and small communities just a few miles away.