Homeowners scrambling to find roofers after Irma

With damage from Hurricane Irma, building contractors are in demand. But beware of unlicensed contractors. He went to an expert for advice on finding a good one.

Roofer Luis Duevedo of Revildor Roofing, takes the steps needed to help hurricane victims all over Central Florida.

"It's been difficult seeing the suffering of people. It's heartwrenching."

He's been busy repairing both homes and businesses, after Hurricane Irma hit hard.

"We just put the tarp on because they had a hole on two places of the roof."

As the clouds roll in, Luis recommends covering whatever you can to protect more property from being damaged. He says tarps like this are in short supply.

"Try to do whatever you can. Your house is tarped, to prevent further damage."

He's cranking out the repairs as fast as he can.

"For emergency repairs, tarps like this I'm 4 days out trying to help as much people as I can."

He warns homeowners to beware of unlicensed contractors. You can look up a reputable contractor at the Central Florida Roofing and Sheet Metal Association website.

"It's always a good idea when you're hiring a contractor to get one that's licensed and insured state license and insured."