Homeless Hayward mother thanks officer for his kindness



Earlier this week, KTVU told you about a Hayward police officer. He pulled over a homeless woman and her two kids. He could have had their car towed, but instead took them into a restaurant and bought them food.

Through tears, Lisa Alvarez, 36, said today that she was grateful for what the officer did

"He's awesome. I didn't expect him to be that way. I didn't expect him to be so kind, you know?

Last week, she was driving a Chrysler Sebring with expired tags when Officer Jonathan Mcleod came up behind her in his patrol car. Her license is suspended.

"When I saw him behind me, I was like, 'oh no.' "

She pulled into the McDonald's parking lot on A Street. She was nervous.

The officer noticed that the car was full of their belongings, like blankets and kids' toys.

He ran her name through the computer to make sure she wasn't wanted. Then, he told them he wouldn't tow their car.

Instead, he asked Alvarez if the kids had eaten anything. When she said no, he told them to order whatever they wanted at McDonald's - and that he'd pay for it.

"I was just really, really amazed, and like. I don't have words, like 'thank you.' The officer's awesome."

A man at the restaurant took a picture of Alvarez at the McDonald's, with the officer visible behind her and shared it with Hayward police. Turns out, the officer never told anyone about what he did.

Things have been difficult for Alvarez and her kids. They've stayed in shelters and motels. She has health problems.

Friday was her son Isaiah's 2nd birthday. She has diapers and food but still wants to get him a cake.

But now her Chrysler won't run.

Her 4-year-old daughter Jesenia got bitten in the face by something in the car.

Alvarez's phone is cracked.

"I just keep my hopes in God and hope that something will come along," she said.