Homeless advocate camps outside Best Buy store

Kevin Sutton is a radio show host and advocate for the homeless, especially homeless children.  He is hoping by camping out a month before Black Friday, before others do the same to get good deals, he can draw attention to the plight of Central Florida's homeless population.  It has only been a few days since he set up camp outside this Best Buy near the Florida Mall in Orlando, and already, he says he's feeling the hunger of the homeless. He practically salivated as he described what his last hot meal was like on Sunday.

"If you use the stupidity of 'that guy is camping out, and then people start hashtagging it 'that guy is camping out at Best Buy,'  the next thing you know, they are sharing that post about me and it falls into the hands of somebody who's caring and wants to know why."

There are too many people living on the street he said, in much worse conditions than what he is experiencing inside a tent outside an electronics store.  He said he still has the use of Best Buy restrooms, and he has his car for shelter from the elements, not to mention on-site security.

While he is out there, he will also collect food, toys, and donations to give to the Love Pantry, a charity that serves some of the 13,000 homeless children in Central Florida.   "We did the delivery last year to Catholic Charities, and we made three tons of donations.  I've never seen that much canned food in my life.  It was great!"

Sutton is hoping to do even better this year, camping out for 33 days instead of last year's 15.