Holly Hill Police Department under fire as multiple sexual assault accusations come to light

A detailed 104-page report described sexual allegations from Holly Hill Police Department officers and employees who say they were either harassed or witnessed the harassment themselves. 

The report paints a picture of what led up to the former Holly Hills police chief resigning months ago. 

Internal affairs detectives interviewed more than three dozen current and former Holly Hill police employees and found allegations of sexual misconduct and sexual activity that date back more than a decade. 

There are claims that former Police Chief Jeffrey Miller, former Captain Christopher Yates and Sergeants Thomas Bentley and Shannon Fountain all acted inappropriately while on and off duty. 

In the report, a female staff member told investigators that Miller said she could go home early if she showed him her breasts. The complaint went on to describe the former police chief pleasuring himself in her office while she stared at the ceiling. 

This was one of the multiple claims of him exposing himself. 

During an interview with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Miller admitted to groping and tickling women as well as asking to see female staff member's breasts – but he claimed it was a joke. He denied the more egregious claims, including exposing himself. 

The full 104-page report can be viewed below. 


The report also states Yates unhooked an evidence technician's bra while hugging her – so hard one time that the clasp broke. 

A retired officer sent a letter to the city manager in 2023. He called the former chief a "sexual deviant" and went on to describe the culture of the department saying, "The command staff offered no support to their officers and instead turned the department into a sorority house riddled with gossip, toxic work environments, ridicule, sexual innuendoes, and harassment."

Former Chief Miller resigned back in March, while Yates and Fountain were placed on leave around the same time. Both former officers have since resigned. 

Bentley was suspended a couple of weeks later. He's still awaiting disciplinary action. 

In response to the allegations, Volusia County Sheriff Mike Chitwood said, "I'm proud of the service the Volusia Sheriff's Office provided the City of Holly Hill and its residents and I hope this report is helpful in identifying and fixing the glaring issues that were revealed in this investigation."

So what's next?

The city announced its new police chief just two days ago. The city manager tells FOX 35 he has a predetermination hearing with Bentley on Monday and at that time, he will determine what level of discipline he should have.