Holly Hill hit-and-run driver sought

A 27-year-old man who was leaving work late Tuesday night was hit by a car and ejected from his scooter into traffic on Nova Road.  It happened in Holly Hill near Walker Road, authorities say.

His co-worker heard the crash and ran over to help, before calling 911. The driver had left the scene. 

"We just left the store. We closed together and I heard something. 'Boom!' He was on the scooter. I don’t even know where his scooter is at."

The scooter was found a half-a-mile away. Police say the driver of the hit-and-run dragged the scooter that far, all while the victim was lying in the middle of the road.  

Holly Hill Police Chief Steven Aldrich wants witnesses to come forward, adding, "Obviously, there’s gonna be damage to front of the vehicle and undercarriage where the moped was dragged."

The victim is in  hospital with serious injuries, but he is expected to survive.