Hole-in-one leads to manslaughter arrest of Florida man who continuously punched 87-year-old: Officials

Credit: Sumter County Sheriffs Office

A Florida man who previously hit a hole-in-one at a Florida country club ran out of luck when he was arrested for manslaughter following a June 28 incident. 

Robert Edward Moore Jr, 76, was arrested for aggravated manslaughter of an elderly person after he allegedly continuously punched an 87-year-old man ultimately leading to his death. 

The charge stems from a car accident at the Glenview County Club in The Villages when 88-year-old Dean William Zook hit what Moore believed to be his car in the parking lot, an arrest affidavit shows. 

When asked to exchange insurance information, Moore allegedly punched Zook in the jaw with a closed fist, pushing him backward, deputies said. 

Moore continued to punch Zook who attempted to put his hands up as he was struck multiple times. 

After the incident, Moore realized the car that was hit didn't belong to him, and he left in search of his actual car, deputies said. 

Zook spoke with deputies following the incident but began to slur his words and stumble before the ambulance was called. Doctors later discovered that Zook was bleeding from his brain and ultimately died on July 16. 

After the incident, deputies attempted to make contact with an "unknown subject" inside the restaurant at the country club, "but was met with negative results," an affidavit states. 

Video surveillance of the restaurant showed Moore walking out of the restaurant with a to-go order at 6:35 p.m. before entering the establishment again at 6:42 p.m. — one minute after the parking lot altercation. 

On June 29, deputies received a tip identifying Moore as "bob" stating he was at the Havana Country Club wearing the same clothing seen in the incident. 

A detective also found the credit card used for the to-go order made on the previous day eventually linking it to Moore. 

A Google search for Moore led the detective to a news article from November 2022 referencing Moore scoring a hole-in-one at another golf course. In the article's photo, he was wearing the same shoes, shorts, and sunglasses seen in the Glenview Country Club video surveillance. 

Moore also is the registered owner of a 2022 Black Lexus RX 350 — the same model and make of the car struck by Zook. 

When asked about the altercation, Moore told deputies he thought Zook was trying to leave the scene of the accident. Moore said Zook put his hands on his shirt and arm which is when he punched him, deputies said. 

Moore was arrested and taken to the Sumter County Jail on a $30,000 bond.