Hit-and-run victim says she forgives driver

The victim of a hit-and-run crash is out of the hospital and says she forgives whoever is responsible.

Alyssa Harris was driving her moped to work on Aloma Avenue last Friday, when she lost control and fell off. Afterward, Florida Highway Patrol Troopers said an SUV ran her over, and dragged her under the car, before turning into a nearby gas station and leaving.

Seven days later, Harris is out of the hospital and dealing with pain. She required surgery on her hips, as well as her tailbone. The 26-year-old mother is covered in bruises and can’t walk.

According to troopers, the driver has since been identified and is cooperating, even showing them his vehicle. 

Alyssa believes the crash was truly an accident, but hopes drivers will be more careful if they believe they hit something.

“He got out of his car to look around at his car, but he should’ve looked all around the area,” she said. “It was pretty dark out. I do forgive him for hitting me.”

Harris’ family is now looking for a wheelchair to help Alyssa get around. The family is also struggling to pay for all Alyssa’s medical bills since she does not have health insurance. Her family has set up a Go Fund Me account here, to help with those expenses.