High speed shootout results in three people wounded

Two cars were involved in a high speed shootout on Thursday.

John Eppley, the driver of one of the cars, tells Fox 35 reporter Amanda McKenzie that he saw a man beating a woman at the toll entrance of the 528. So, he decided to do something about.

"We asked him to stop hitting her. He rolled his window down. He was in an outrage. He tried to come out of his truck, so then I took off. One of my guys hollered he had a gun. I showed him I had one. Hopefully that would be the end of it," said John.

John went on to say that he "shot two rounds at his truck."

The other driver stopped at a McDonalds on John Young Parkway and was taken to the hospital. The woman in the car drove off and is still at large.

Two of the men in the back seat of John's car were also shot and had to go to the hospital. They have non-life-threatening injuries. 

John said that both drivers were speeding upwards of 90 miles per hour on State Road 528.

Deputies say that they will not charge John with a crime.