High school yearbook content stirs controversy

An article about vaping accompanying "how-to" pictures and descriptions, along with a picture of a student showing his disciplinary referrals for vaping, is causing a controversy in Seminole County. 

School officials said the content does not belong in the Lake Brantley High School yearbook. 

"That should have been caught prior to the yearbooks being completed and sent home," said Michael Lawrence with Seminole County Public Schools.

Lawrence added that many levels of monitoring from a classroom teacher to the principal should have flagged the material. 

"There's several opportunities to catch these mistakes when developing a yearbook; all along the way, it should never get to this point," he said.

Most of the students FOX 35 interviewed said they did not have a problem with the pictures and article.

"I think that you know the yearbook is for trending topics, and I think unfortunatly, it's a trending topic in our generation. I don't think it really should be that bad of a thing," Hannah Dickenson said.

The school is offering a full refund to parents who return the yearbooks to the school.