'He's doing great': Rocket enjoys new home after spending over 200 days at Florida shelter

Rocket, a dog notorious for living at the Orange County Animal Shelter longer than any other dog and who was adopted last week, is feeling comfy at his new home.

Rocket spent over 200 days at the Orange County Animal Shelter. He was finally adopted last week after FOX 35 aired his story

FOX 35 spoke to his new owner, Will Bisbeck, on Thursday morning. He said that Rocket is "doing great" and "is being pretty lazy" as he snuggled up to him on the couch.

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Will recalled his first moment with Rocket after a friend of his shared Rocket's story with him. When he went to the shelter, the adorable dog "ran up to me, sniffed my hand, and then sat down between my legs and just kind of looked up at me."

He said it was a match, especially since "I was looking for a dog anyways."

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