Heroic Florida deputy honored for saving man from hurricane floodwaters

FOX 35 is honoring one deputy for his heroic work saving a man’s life.

If it wasn’t for his instincts to listen closely and his quick thinking, the outcome could have been devastating.

Seminole County Sheriff’s Deputy Todd Moderson was at the Jungle Road checkpoint in Geneva when he heard something that caught his attention.

"I heard, ‘help’ – then I saw that there was somebody down in the water," Moderson said.

He started running toward the floodwaters. At the same time, nearby residents sprang into action and followed close behind.

"I looked to the north here and I see the sheriff running down the street into the water," Ed Lemoine said.


Back on October 5, 2022, an older man was walking through floodwaters when he stepped into a deep ditch and started to quickly lose strength to stay above the water.

"He said that he was on the cusp of death," Dan Shaw said. "He said he’d swallowed water already and he didn’t know how much longer he’d be able to keep hollering."

"I was able to come over on a little higher part here and you can see where it’s washed away and that’s what he fell into," Moderson said. "Elderly gentleman and I was able to reach over and pull him out."

"He was completely drenched in water," Lemoine said. "His boots were full."

All were able to get the man out of the water and onto a pickup truck to be taken for medical attention.

"I wanna thank the residents and I’m so thankful for the community," Moderson said.

"These guys basically saved his life," Lemoine said.