Here's all 38 bills Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has signed into law this month

MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA - MARCH 20: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signs Florida House Bill 1365 during a news conference held at the Santorini by Georgios restaurant on March 20, 2024 in Miami Beach, Florida. The bill is hoping to prevent unauthorized campi

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has had a busy month, signing 38 bills into law in March. 

Ranging from giant wine bottles to homeless encampment bans to ending squatting in Florida, all the signed laws represent a multitude of issues residents have been bringing to light. 

The most recent bill signed by the governor on March 28 is HB 583, which allows Floridians to purchase giant bottles of wine as large as 15 liters from stores in the state. Under current Florida law, residents are only allowed to purchase up to a gallon of wine from a store. 

On March 27, the governor signed HB 621, which allows property owners in Florida to request law enforcement to remove a squatter from their property under specific conditions immediately. The bill also creates harsh penalties for those who squat and teach others how to. 

About a week earlier, DeSantis signed a bill addressing homelessness in the state. 

HB 1365 prohibits homeless people from camping on city streets, sidewalks, and parks – instead, they are placed in temporary shelters monitored by law enforcement agencies. The shelters are required to include substance abuse and mental health treatments. 

The bill also directs the Department of Children and Families to authorize temporary campsites that help maintain sanitation and provide mental health and substance abuse resources. 

Here are the rest of the bills Governor DeSantis signed into law in March:

  • HB 1589 - Driving Without a Valid Driver License
  • SB 522 - Tallahassee Community College
  • HB 3 - Online Protections for Minors
  • HB 1451 - Identification Documents
  • SB 1036 - Reclassification of Criminal Penalties
  • SB 330 - Behavioral Health Teaching Hospitals
  • SB 7016 - Health Care
  • SB 322 - Public Records and Meetings
  • SB 7018 - Health Care Innovation
  • SB 1758 - Individuals with Disabilities
  • SB 7006 - A Review under the Open Government Sunset Review Act
  • SB 1746 - Public Employees
  • SB 1526 - Local Regulation of Nonconforming and Unsafe Structures
  • SB 818 - Military Leave
  • SB 474 - Public Records
  • SB 224 - Citizen Volunteer Advisory Committees
  • SB 1720 - Marine Encroachment on Military Operations
  • SB 1512 Controlled Substances
  • HB 1415 - Peer Support for First Responders
  • HB 1113 - Use of Lights and Sirens on Emergency Vehicles
  • HB 715 - Public Records
  • HB 533 - DNA Samples from Inmates
  • HB 463 - Lights Displayed on Fire Department Vehicles
  • HB 377 - License or Permit to Operate a Vehicle for Hire
  • HB 179 - Towing and Storage
  • HB 83 - Trust Funds
  • HB 49 - Employment
  • HB 487 - Lost and Abandoned Property
  • HB 865 - Florida State Guard
  • HB 5201 - Trust Funds
  • HB 7001 - A Review under the Open Government Sunset Review Act
  • HB 7003 - A Review under the Open Government Sunset Review Act
  • HB 7005 - A Review under the Open Government Sunset Review Act
  • HB 7007 - A Review under the Open Government Sunset Review Act