Here's a sneak peak at what the new Flagler Beach Pier will look like

Not much is left of the Flagler Beach Fishing Pier after experiencing major damage from Hurricane Ian and another punch by Hurricane Nicole last year.

The pier, originally opened in 1928, has been closed to the public for months now and remains a shell of its former self.

In a public workshop at the end of January, it was finally revealed what the future of the pier could look like.

In the renderings shown, the new pier is taller by more than ten feet, reinforced by concrete, and twenty-five feet wide with many more features.

City Manager William Whitson is confident in the new project.

"Over the years, there have been storms that have come along and closed it and damaged it," he said. "That's why this time when we put it back, we're going to put it back bigger, stronger, better so that we won't have to close it in the future."

The public presentation showed how storms of the past, including Matthew, have truncated the wooden pier over the years.

 The new pier is designed to better withstand rising sea levels and future storms.

Whitson said what does remain of the pier won't be demolished with the first 100 feet still included in the new plan, only repaired and reinforced.

Funding for the new project is expected to mostly come from FEMA with development from Moffatt & Nichol.

So, when can we expect the new pier to open? Whitson is hopeful it will be in time for a big birthday.

"Our goal is to get the pier back open and operable by our centennial, which is 2025." Whitson said. "So wouldn't that be great to have a 100th birthday and celebrate the thing that the community was founded around?"

Whitson encourages everyone to be patient and look forward to the great things to come for Flagler Beach.